Core team application period


We are looking for TEAM LEADS and TEAM MEMBERS for several teams and positions.

The application period is open 30.08.2021-26.09.2021 for every student in Vaasa. We will go through the applications already during the application period, so apply now

Send your open application to Please provide at least your contact info, one to three positions you are interested in (please specify if it’s Team Lead or team member position!) and why you would be a great team member for Harvest


  • PRODUCTION team: responsible for lights, audio, live-streaming etc.

  • DECORATION team: responsible for acquiring the venue offer and for the venue layout

  • PROGRAM team: responsible for acquiring the speakers with Head of Harvest, planning the event schedule, taking care of the speakers during the event etc.

  • PARTNERSHIP team: responsible for acquiring and coordinating the company partnerships including companies with stands, workshops and restaurant co-operations during the event.

  • MARKETING team: responsible for the all-around marketing for Harvest, including social media and guerrilla marketing. Especially if you are interested in taking photos, making videos, graphic designing, writing and just creating intriguing content, this is for you!

  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS: coordinating the whole process concerning the Harvest volunteers from recruitment to coordinating their shifts during the event and acting as their managers.

For every team we are looking for one to two Team Leads. As a Team Lead you are the link between your own team, other teams and Head of Harvest, making sure everything runs smoothly concerning your team.

Additionally, for every team there are certain number of team member positions. In your application, please specify if you are interested in Team Lead or/and team member position and in which team!

The active volunteering is placed from September 2021 to January 2022. Depending on the team, there will be more active months, as for example partnerships will have to work more during September/October, while Volunteer coordinators are busy during January.


Send your open application to

If you have any questions concerning the application or Harvest in general, do not hesitate to contact Angelina through email

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