The Harvest-event takes a big team to build and could not be done without the efforts of our amazing volunteers

Volunteers get to work with a wide variety of things such as the stages, construction, info, photography, catering etc. Each task comes with its unique set of invaluable experiences and connections!

1. CATERING: serving visitors refreshments and taking care of the cleanliness of the food points around the venue.

2. CLOAKROOM: Serving and helping our guests at our cloakrooms. Hundreds winter jackets is no joke.

3. CONSTRUCTION: Constructing and deconstructing the event space and decorations. 

4. EVENT BADGE CLAIM: Registering visitors at the venue entrance. The first contact for the guests with the event itself.

5. INFO: Informing and helping out the visitors at info desk around the venue. Knowing, or figuring out, answers and solutions to any kind of questions.

6. PARTNER BUDDIES: Special service provided to partners. Partner Buddies help them with any matters to make their stay as smooth as possible.

7. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Photographing Harvest and the afterparty event. Making unforgettable memories visible, capturing the moments.

💥All volunteers can get free entrance to Harvest Afterparty held at Fontana💥

If we caught your interest, please let us know by e-mail harvest@ves.fi with a headline “Volunteer application” (also your name, phone number, and tell briefly about yourself)😍😍
☀️The deadline for applications is 3.12 and all the applicants will be informed about the selections between 6.12 and 10.12☀️

❗️❗️❗️Everyone from freshmen to graduating students are welcome to join us. VES is all about different kind and minded people so don’t worry if you are not used to use english or your native language is not finnish.

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